"CAM-Florist | Designs Studio" : 101

Updated: Feb 27

Claude is TESTING 100 Products & Services @ "CAMflorist.com & Store" in 2020.

Claude Thompson had put reopening his "CAM-Florist | Design Studio" on hold, to restore Detroit's Iconic Flower Shops, "Engel's Greenhouse", (1883), and, "Brazelton's", (1941), doing business as "CAMflorist.com & Store", (Since 2013).

Now, Claude's planning to reopen "CAM-Florist | Design Studio", in 2020. Claude first opened "Claude's @ MACY'S Florist" in 2013, @ MACY'S Department Store in Southfield. The Florist installation became "CAM-Florist" when Rob Whitaker became 50/50 partner with Claude.

When MACY'S closed in 2015, Claude returned to Detroit, freelancing, doing business as "CAMflorist.com & Store". Claude was named a Top Florist in Detroit, for The Fresh Ways To Shop For Flowers, @ "CAMflorist.com & Store".

  1. Retail Store | Flower Shop the traditional way, or Come by for the smell of it.

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